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My name is TJ.

I was born in 1994, and I love a lot of different things.

I also dislike a lot of things.



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  1. lifeisaporno replied to your post: Stress is created by worry

    yay for not giving a shit about anyone but me

    Damn straight, just accepting the fact that all humans ever do they do for selfish reasons. So why give a crap. 

  2. My blog has got back to its original quality

    Sean is back to liking most of my posts :)

  3. lifeisaporno replied to your photo: WOOOOOOOO!


    Hahaha I think there are still tickets. I can’t bloody wait!

  4. lifeisaporno replied to your post: lifeisaporno replied to your post: Ted that film…

    oh yes! plus, there’s a HDrip of it out already and it hasn’t even hit cinemas in the states yet

    Sweet. It’s a bit weird to be starting it with a trip to the imax to watch Titanic really then haha.

  5. lifeisaporno replied to your post: Ted

    that film looks beyond hilarious. have you seen the trailer for god bless america?

    Not yet… Now I have. Hahahaha, it looks a bit like a film called Super but better. So this summer’s going to be a summer of comedy then.