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My name is TJ.

I was born in 1994, and I love a lot of different things.

I also dislike a lot of things.



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  1. Dude, Josh really does find some way to be a dick to everybody whom he doesn't agree with. Also, I don't think you were being a dick. If he had less followers, he'd probably be much more concerned about being nicer, but for some reason I think having a large fanbase has allowed to be mean without repercussion. I mean, how could he have gotten so many followers while being a dick? He was probably nice up to a point.
    asked by Anonymous

    I can see how my ask could be perceived as being dick-ish but thats only if you think that I was standing there firing off the questions one by one. They were actually supposed to be separate questions, I just didn’t have anything to put between them and tumblr doesn’t allow me to put line spaces in asks. And yeah probably just given him a huge sense of self assurance due to such large numbers of people agreeing with him. ┬áThe reason why I followed him was cos his youtube video’s are awesome and I thought his blog would be too, so maybe that where he gets them all from haha. And why you on anonymous by the way? You’ve got nothing to hide.