New York Desiel - The ramblings of a melted mind.

My name is TJ.

I was born in 1994, and I love a lot of different things.

I also dislike a lot of things.



Beware of the Dog!
Chew my brain. You know you want to.
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    1. newyorkdesiel: Probably my favourite question in this list. Number 13, what about "R"? So Sean. What about "R"?
    2. lifeisaporno: ‘R’ man, me and R go way back. we were best friends back in the day but a few years ago, he got mixed up in the crowd. started doing a lot of drugs. saw him hanging around with that fat guy ‘7’, you know, the one that actually 8 9! that motherfucker is crazy.. anyway, i stabbed him.
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