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My name is TJ.

I was born in 1994, and I love a lot of different things.

I also dislike a lot of things.



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  1. I can’t believe I could do that to the person I loved the most and I didn’t even consider what I was doing.

    There are so many regrets.

    But the time we had was the best time of my life. You were the best thing to happen to me. It’s a shame that we almost have to grow apart. 

    I will always love you more than I even imagined it was possible to love someone.

  2. Sometimes you love the idea more than the actuality.

  3. "You need to realize that the way you are feeling now will not be permanent."
    —  r.h (via psych-facts)
  4. I fart in your general direction, your mother was a hamster and your father smelled like elderberries.

  5. organic-tea:



    How gorgeous is this.


    I’ve been waiting to see this again.


    (Source: yellingapple)

  6. "If you have time to think of a beautiful end, then why not live beautifully until the end?"
    — Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)
  7. "What they had done in their youth, and what for millenniums had been man’s vocation, joy and pleasure — to ride a horse, to plow in the morning the steaming field, to walk behind the oxen, to mow the yellow grain in the blazing summer heat while streams of sweat poured down the tanned body and the women who bound the sheaves could hardly keep in step with the mowers, to rest at noon for a meal in the shade of green trees — all this, praised by the poets since times immemorial, was now past and gone.

    Joy in labor had disappeared."
    — Ernst Jünger, The Glass Bees (via anarchomonarchism)
  8. "Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion."
    — Simon Sinek (via psych-facts)
  9. detenebrate:



    Isn’t it odd how everyone that supports abortion has already been born?

    Strangely, everyone who opposes abortion has also been born. It’s almost like you have to be born to have opinions… like it’s part of the basic definition of being a person or something. I’m so glad you pointed that out. It’s a really great point.

    This was a masterfully made point. I am in awe.

    (Source: pricestreetbeachclub)

  10. did-you-kno:

  11. I am therefore leaving immediately for Nepal, where I intend to live as a goat.

  12. I love how when you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs an artist strives for the top of the pyramid without care for the lower layers.

  13. Hurkle and Hirple just made it onto my all time favourite words list.

  14. queerqueerspawn:

    Unskilled labor doesn’t exist.

    Labor which requires skills that are devalued does.

    Unskilled isn’t so much unskilled it’s just something you can learn reasonably quickly. Good luck learning how to run a nuclear reactor in the same amount of time as it takes to learn how to lay a brick wall.

  15. You know you’re getting old when the people you used to hang around with start dying.

    Or was it just because they were ridiculous people.